Interoperability with ports

Intra-EU Shipping
Exports outside the EU

Thanks to the integration of the ACCUDIRE platform with PCS (Port Community Systems), each national and international logistics operator can improve and speed up the management of intermodal transport.

  • Interoperability with port information systems
  • Streamlining of intermodal procedures
  • Automatic realization of the notice of arrival of goods at the Free Port of Trieste

Intermodal transport processes

The perfect integration with ports
and Port System Authority.

ACCUDIRE fosters the interconnection between the various players in the value chain also in the context of intermodal transport. A feature designed to allow integration with the Port Community Systems in order to improve communication between logistics operators, ports and Port Authorities.

ACCUDIRE is integrated with Sinfomar by Infoera, a software for maritime logistics that allows the management of boarding and disembarkation of vehicles and goods at the Port of Trieste. In particular, it allows the integrated management of port management systems, Ro-Ro (Roll on-Roll off) maritime traffic, security, port provisions and the notice of arrival of goods at the port, in collaboration with AIDA and other reference platforms.

Integration with Sinformar

Thanks to the integration with Sinformar, ACCUDIRE allows each logistics operator to manage in complete autonomy the notice of arrival at the port.

In accordance with Ordinance no. 16 of 2021 issued by the Port System Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea for the ports of Trieste and Monfalcone, from 31 October 2022, it is mandatory to present a notice of arrival for all loaded vehicles entering the Port of Trieste.

Thanks to the integration with Sinfomar, the logistics operator can manage in a completely digitized and integrated way, within ACCUDIRE, the practice of notice of arrival of goods at the port.

This allows the logistics operator to simplify procedures, streamline operations, while maintaining control of the entire flow within a single, secure and shared digital environment between the public and private parties involved. The driver in charge of transport will be able to access the port directly through a preferential lane, avoiding queues and delays at the gate.

In addition, using this functionality, the carrier can offer an additional service to its customer, allowing them to have greater traceability of goods and control of shipment, including transit times within the port and the route by ship via Marine Traffic.

Interoperability with ports

The functionality that allows shippers
and logistics operators to better manage
intermodal transport.

  • Interoperability with port information systems

    The possibility of integration with the PCS makes easier and faster the transport flows that provide for the passage through the port and compliance with regulatory compliance provided by the port system authorities.

  • Automatic realization of the notice of arrival of goods at the Free Port of Trieste

    The automatic notice of arrival of the full vehicle at the Port of Trieste allows faster entry to the port area and greater transit time control.

  • Streamlining of intermodal procedures

    Thanks to interoperability, intermodal transport becomes more fluid and easier to manage and govern for all public and private figures involved in the flow.

Reduce the timing of intermodal processes
thanks to interoperability with ports of ACCUDIRE.
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  • Simpler and faster processes
  • Greater control along the supply chain
  • Better shipment tracking
  • Better management of intermodal shipments
  • Complete compliance with the regulations provided by the Port System authorities