Process optimisation | ACCUDIRE platform

Process optimisation

Agile and fast operations.
Thanks to method, technology and data certainty.



With the ACCUDIRE platform, issuing a letter of credit can take up to 4 hours instead of 10 days
(Source: Barclays, 2016)


- 100% ERRORS

ACCUDIRE, thanks to the digitisation of processes, methodology and expert know-how, the documentation is error-free

Blockchain technology makes international trade, easier and safer

Issuance of compliant customs bills (SAD, DAE and exit visa), greater document transparency and consequent lower controls, safe and rapid compliance, licenses and instant circulation of validated and non-alterable documents.

Everything is in motion

The reduction of errors, misunderstandings related to different cultures and regulations and related customs blockages, entails considerable savings along the entire supply chain, with a consequent reduction in time and resources for all actors.

ACCUDIRE, the first Italian platform that simplifies and speeds up your company’s export processes in complex international markets.