A platform without borders. A universal language | ACCUDIRE

A universal language

A shared standard. A platform without boundaries.
Many of the critical issues of international trade are related to the interaction between different subjects, who operate with different culture, knowledge and tools: they simply do not speak.

The beating heart of accudire is language: an online glossary available to all players in the supply chain

Immediacy, no more misunderstandings, no reworking or corrections or wrong operations: an “alphabet” capable of bringing indisputable managerial and organizational advantages, making effective and efficient the movement of goods from the exporter to the border.

A single standard to keep everyone in touch

By adopting the ACCUDIRE system it is possible to manage all international export operations through parameters and guided and always updated coding, generating updated documentation in compliance with international standards and perfectly integrated into the different international management systems.

ACCUDIRE, the first Italian platform that simplifies and speeds up your company’s export processes in complex international markets.