Your export.
Made simple.

Simplicity, speed, autonomy and savings: ACCUDIRE is the secure, reliable and transparent digital plug & play platform. Because it is based on Blockchain technology.


ACCUDIRE addresses all the actors present along the supply chain to help them in the digitalization and sharing of logistic documentation in complete security, transparency and traceability thanks to the use of innovative technologies such as the blockchain.

Discover the e-CMR and all the other features dedicated to export companies and logistics operators.

and advantages
along the entire
Supply chain

ACCUDIRE is the safe, fast and transparent solution to meet the challenges of the global supply chain.

Discover all the advantages of digitizing export processes.

Overcome the challenges of
global trade with Accudire

Digitalization runs
along the supply chain

Accudire is ready to accompany your company
from Italy to all foreign countries with performances hitherto
impossible. Your Export. Made Simple.

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A paperless future
without borders

ACCUDIRE has ESG issues at heart.
Contribute to a concrete and lasting sustainability, also from the social and governance aspects.