Our company

Know-how in the field of international shipping

Consolidated experience in export controls

Research and development of digital solutions

ACCUDIRE is the first and only company in Italy created to revolutionize export processes through a new digital business model, based on Blockchain technology.

Innovative certified start-up, born from the experience and tools made available by the founding partners in the field of international shipments, customs aspects, compliance and export controls.

A new human-digital ecosystem to meet the challenges of global trade

ACCUDIRE accompanies Italian companies step by step in the growth of exports, indicating the “ACCURATE” “DIRECTION” with the aim of simplifying and speeding up the organisational processes and operating procedures for exports.

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The global supply chain is characterised by fluid balances, geopolitical risks, trade wars, customs duties and regulatory discrepancies between countries. The 3 main problems for domestic exports are:


supply chain

It causes high management costs and waste of time along the entire chain of actors involved: from bureaucracy to huge documentary flows.



Fragmented and insecure interaction during all stages of goods handling entails high costs and difficulties in proving successful export.


of sanctions

Italian exporting companies operate in an international geopolitical context where it is increasingly easier to incur sanctions. It only takes one mistake to get blacklisted and fail.

The advantages of blockchain technology to simplify each shipment

ACCUDIRE offers a complete Blockchain interface that can be easily integrated into business processes, dedicated to Italian export and logistics.

In this way, companies can simplify and speed up customs operations and create trust among all the actors involved.


The Blockchain consists of a series of transactions verified by a decentralized and shared register, constantly available and not modifiable once carried out.


Thanks to the shared and immutable digital register, it is easy to determine the origin and transit along the entire supply chain of the goods, certifying compliance with international regulations.


The origin and the process of the products tracked in real time contribute to the reduction of the risk of fraud, errors or defaults, often linked to slow copying of paper documents.

We are at your side throughout the global supply chain


Through an innovative Cloud Computing Security system, ACCUDIRE allows maximum transparency, speed and traceability along the supply chain for trusted connections between exporters, customs representatives, shippers, banks, insurance companies, terminals, carriers and government authorities.

ACCUDIRE: track, log, accelerate.

The ACCUDIRE platform is designed to allow each company to evolve its export independently. Practical, intuitive, complete and accurate, it facilitates the generation of all documentation and allows the real-time monitoring of shipments.