Savings on
management costs

Thanks to the digitization of the processes you will have
a more efficient export, paperless and with less management costs.

A more efficient, paperless export with less management costs

Export operations require a large production of documentation, intended for multiple interlocutors.
With ACCUDIRE the vast amount of information transmitted and transcribed manually on paper or on the most varied software isolated from each other is simplified within a single digital ecosystem. Optimizing the correct execution of customs operations.

  • Paper documents;
  • Sales contracts;
  • Commercial invoices;
  • Loading bills and transport contracts;
  • Letter of Credit;
  • Customs bills (SAD, DAE and exit visa);
  • Certificates of origin, conformity and movement;
  • Ministerial licenses and authorizations.

You can accelerate all these steps through the secure digital platform, which shares all the necessary data and documents in real time, reducing costs, paper consumption, manual tasks and the risks of fragmented management.

ACCUDIRE, the first Italian platform
that simplifies and speeds up your company’s export
processes in complex international markets.

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