and sustainability

A paperless future
without borders

ACCUDIRE has ESG issues at heart and seeks to undertake activities that can contribute to a concrete and lasting sustainability, not only from an environmental point of view but also from a social and governance point of view.

The paperless platform
to bring a progressive
ecological transition

ACCUDIRE is a platform that helps to drastically reduce the use of printed paper and paper archives within organizations, positively impacting deforestation.

Secondly, it is an innovative and digital solution that thanks to the use of Blockchain technology guarantees traceability, transparency and security, all aspects that positively affect the risk of counterfeiting and Italian sounding, as well as the best practices of the companies that choose to use the platform.

Accudire is part of the
EU horizon 2020 TRICK project

Since April 2021, ACCUDIRE is part of the EU Horizon 2020 TRICK project, a project focused on sustainability and circular economy composed of 33 partners of 11 different nationalities that has lasted 42 months and aims to create a blockchain-based platform that favors the traceability of the supply chain for SMEs operating in the textile and food sectors.

ACCUDIRE has been involved as a company that makes the logistics chain more traceable and transparent. In particular, his role in the project sees the close collaboration with ADM (Customs Agency, Monopolies, Excise) and ENEA (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Economic Development) for the formulation of PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) and PCO (Preferential Certificate of Origin) certifications and with Quadrans Foundation and Ubitech for the passage of data on the project’s central blockchains.

In addition, ACCUDIRE also contributes to product traceability. Traceability is one of the services that TRICK is working on and assumes that daily operations combined with validation by the competent authorities generate evidence that can help make valid and certain the declarations related to the product (for example the territory of origin and the “made in”).

Traceability supports can be different and one of these is our e-CMR, the logistical document used for intra-Community sales rubber-tyred and which proves the movement of the goods and their exit from the national territory. In fact, thanks to digitalization, geolocation and notarization on the blockchain, the e-CMR represents a valid test to support tracking.

ACCUDIRE is making the platform available to manufacturing partners
for the management of textile and food pilots to make each product traceable
from its origin to its disposal, including the logistics part of transport.


and circular economy:
our mindset

TRICK project is our main driver for sustainability, but not the only one. ACCUDIRE seeks to be present at the various occasions that combine the aspects of circular economy: