Customs file for exporting companies

Exports outside the EU

Complete digitalization and interoperability between companies, customs service centers, customs software and Customs Agency thanks to the e-Customs by ACCUDIRE.

  • Automatic realization of the customs bill
  • Automatic recovery of DAE, SAD and exit visa
  • Screening and customs classification support

Exports outside the EU

Lack of trust and shared standards
within the supply chain.

Speed, security and digitalization are concepts still far from the world of export. Expensive manual activities are the order of the day for numerous Italian companies that bring “Made in Italy” to the world.


Paper documents and PDFs travel constantly throughout the supply chain making processes slow, with a high risk of errors and continuously exposing companies to additional costs and onerous penalties.

ACCUDIRE allows you to carry out, optimize and monitor all the activities related to the customs file by streamlining procedures and making the data safe, non-alterable and automatically shared between the parties involved.

A correct customs file

With the correct management of the customs file you increase the volume of your shipments saving considerably on management times and costs avoiding sanctions and stops at customs.

The platform interfaces with AIDA allowing the automatic recovery of DAE, SAD and MRN code but above all of the exit visa, thus allowing companies to minimize the risks of sanctions, costs, manual activities, errors and paper consumption.

In the event that the goods are released but the exit visa is not issued, the platform notifies the user of the lack of the same before the expiry of the 90 days allowing him to activate the search procedure in the times established by law.

The digital management of the customs file provides complete interoperability with AIDA, ADM software, but also with the software used by the figure of the CAD (customs assistance center) if present in the operation.

In addition, the adoption of the platform favors the gradual abandonment of the Incoterms® ExWorks return, allowing exporting companies to have greater control and transparency along the supply chain.

The Customs File Functionality

Make your non-EU exports simple,
fast and safe with ACCUDIRE

  • Automatic realization
    of the customs bill

    The platform allows you to create new shipments easily and quickly through integration with your company’s management system.

  • Automatic recovery
    of DAE, SAD and exit visa

    The flow of data to AIDA allows a more agile recovery of DAE, SAD and Exit Visa. The platform notifies any lack in the return of the exit visa within the expiry of 90 days, facilitating the activation of the search procedure.

  • Screening and customs classification support

    Not only automatic flows but also support from our customs experts and features to facilitate subjective/objective screening and the retrieval of updated customs codes.

Manage your customs file with ACCUDIRE
and improve your company’s export processes
Book a one-to-one demo.

  • Simpler and faster processes
  • Greater control along the supply chain
  • Progressive reduction in the use of Ex Works (EXW)
  • Reduced risk of penalties due to easier recovery of visa exit
  • Reduction of problems related to "human errors"
  • Monitoring and access to shipment information in real time
  • Constant human and digital support for better management of procedures