e-CMR for exporting companies

Domestic Shipping
Intra-EU Shipping

Thanks to ACCUDIRE, your company will be able to manage the waybill for road traffic in a completely digital way. A single collaborative portal to generate, share and retrieve signatures on the document in real-time.

  • Automatic realization of e-CMR
  • e-CMR Digital Sharing
  • Recovery of e-CMR signatures

What is e-CMR

From paper to digital:
the evolution of CMR has begun

The Convention des Marchandises par Route (CMR) is the main document governing the international carriage of goods by road and is based on a convention concluded in Geneva on 19 May 1956. This convention has been ratified over the years by most European and non-European states. In fact, today, all the stakeholders present along the supply chain of the acceding countries

exporters, shippers, transporters, importing companies) use CMR for the carriage of goods by road. Within this document there is important information regarding the goods shipped, the parties involved in the transaction and the signatures that testify the completion of the same, ensuring the positive outcome and acting as evidence against the competent authorities.

  • Paper documents
  • Frequent errors, corrections and risk of loss of the document itself
  • Operating costs
  • Digital document: an unalterable and anti-fraud data source
  • A single digital document accessible in real time from the entire supply chain
  • Reduction of management costs and eco-friendly paperless approachAbbattimento dei costi gestionali e approccio paperless eco friendly

e-CMR: benefits for companies

Thanks to the e-CMR you increase the volume of your shipments saving considerably on time and management costs.

The new e-CMR allows to keep intact the strong points of the original Convention, adding to it further significant benefits that go to improve the overall quality of the logistics supply chain, and not only. With the adoption of e-CMR you minimize environmental impact and management costs, allowing your company a progressive digital and sustainable transition.

The e-CMR functionality

Moving to digital CMR with ACCUDIRE
is convenient, simple and fast.

  • Automatic realization
    of the e-CMR

    The platform allows you to create new shipments easily and quickly through a manual data entry procedure or through an interface with your company’s management system.

  • e-CMR
    Digital Sharing

    The digital-collaborative environment allows all the actors involved in the flow to view the shipment in real time and to be able to intervene for the part of their competence.

  • Recovery of
    CMR signatures

    A more agile and efficient signature collection process, guaranteeing security, traceability and regulatory compliance thanks to two-factor authentication, blockchain and geolocation.

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  • Less management costs
  • Simpler administrative processes for your customers
  • Benefit of the non-taxable VAT regime for your Customers' exports
  • More efficient operational management thanks to the reduction of problems related to "human errors"
  • Reduction of environmental impact thanks to the paperless approach
  • Monitoring and access to shipment information in real time